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Healthy Start

What is the Healthy Start Program?

  • The Healthy Start Program is a noninvasive, orthodontic appliance that addresses sleep disordered breathing problems while achieving straight teeth without braces.

Who is it for?

  • The Healthy Start program takes advantage of the facial growth and development of your child, as well as the expansion in their mouths as they lose baby teeth and adult teeth begin to erupt. Because of this, Healthy Start is most effective for children and the earlier the program is started, the better. Habit correctors can be started as early as 2 years old!

What does it do?

  • The Healthy Start Program transitions children through different appliances to achieve both medical and dental benefits. Typically, treatment is started with a Habit Corrector that allows patients to correct sleep disordered breathing problems, such as mouth breathing and other symptoms associated with a compromised airway (snoring, bed wetting, restless sleep, attention deficit, etc.). After these habits are corrected, patients will receive a new appliance to help address dental problems, guide teeth into the proper place and adjust facial growth and development as needed.

Who in the office delivers it?

  • Dr. Bradle, the Dental Assistant Gianna, and several other staff members have been trained to deliver the best treatment to our Healthy Start patients.

What brand (if any)?

  • Healthy Start appliances are BPA free, silicone free, latex free, FDA approved appliances manufactured by Ortho-Tain.

When did the service start?

  • The Healthy Start Program has been around for over 40 years. After learning about the program and gaining the tools and knowledge to best serve our community, we became providers for the Healthy Start Program in Summer of 2016.


Watch Dr. Bradle's personal interview about The Healthy Start Program below:


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